Jin Kazama

The Black Tattoo seen here is the devil mark that indicates that the Devil Gene is within him.

Shawn Samuels


Jin Kazama is fictional video game character from the popular playstation fighting game Tekken. Each Tekken videogame is based off a new storyline revolving around a fighting tournament called the King of Iron Fist Tournament, first hosted by Heihachi Mishima (Jin’s grandfather) and his organiztion in Japan. There are 6 tekken games made that’s focused on the main storyline. Throughout tekken 3 to tekken 5 he is the main protagonist and in tekken 6, he is seen as the main antagonist. Jin Kazama has a conuter-part within him called the Devil. This devil came from the devil gene in which he inherited from his father Kazuya Mishima. The mark for this devil is a black tattoo that is on his arm. Jin’s main goal in life is to rid himself of the cursed devil gene and demolish his bloodline by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Because of how driven he is to achieve this goal, he usually isolates himself from everyone and despite all the people in his life who strive to get his attention (like his fighting rival Hwoarang or Ling Xiaoyu, a girl seems to have a crush on Jin) he barely takes notice.
After the ending of tekken 2 (when Heihachi defeated his son Kazuya and threw him in a volcano), when Jin was only 15 years old, his mother Jun Kazama was killed by a fighting God that Heihachi was trying to capture so he can use him for experiments. So to lure him out, Heihachi hosted the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 (tekken 3). At the same time, Jin seeked revenge. So he went to his grandfather for comfort and to receive intense training for 4 years. His lust for revenge helped triggered the devil gene that was hidden deep inside of him. So entering the Tournament at the age of 19, he made it to the final round and killed the fighting God that killed his mother. However, pissed at Jin for killing the fighting God before he had a chance to capture him, Heihachi turned against his grandson and shot him in the head, killing him. However, thanks to the devil gene, a few seconds later, Jin resurrected as the Devil, smashed Heihachi into the ground and flew away. Heihachi, realizing that his grandson also has the devil gene, sent out a search team to look for Jin.
Two years later, it was revealed that the conscious Jin (when his mind isn’t taken over by the devil) was in Australia, hiding from his grandfather while training vigorously to kill him. Upon hearing about the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, Jin entered with the sole purpose of destroy his entire cursed bloodline: killing his grandfather as well as his father (who was revealed to still be alive thanks to the devil gene within him and the rogue organization that saved him) and then to kill himself before he is fully taken over by the devil gene. While progressing through the tournament, he was abducted by a military force sent by his grandfather and he was chained up in a temple. After defeating his father in the final fight of the tournament, Kazuya was taken to the temple by Heihachi to see his son so he can fight him, take the devil gene from him so he can become more powerful and then kill him. When he regained conscious, he broke free from the chains, regained his composure while staring at his father Kazuya (the man who he inherited the devil gene from), ready to fight. After a long fight, Jin emerged victorious. Then he challenged and defeated his grandfather. While holding his grandfather, the devil began to take Jin over as his wings started to spread out from his back. Before he was able to deliver the final blow, he saw a splitting image of his mother. As a result of this, he drops him on the ground, telling both of them to thank his mom for sparring their lives, then he flew away, moments before the temple was invaded and blown up by the rogue organization that resurrected Kazuya. Kazuya escaped, seeking revenge on the organization while Heihachi was presumed to be dead.
Later on, Jin woke up to a destroyed forest. Knowing that he was the one who did it, he knew that it was only a matter of time before the devil gene fully takes him over. Upon hearing of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, it was revealed that the host was not his grandfather but his great grandfather Jinpachi Mishima (who also carries the devil gene). He was held a prisoner by his son Heihachi underneath the temple for years. While supposed to be dead, the devil gene that was dormant within his body kept him alive and it was awakened within him due to the explosion of the temple directly above him. Despite all of this, Jin defeats him and becomes the new leader of the organization.
Between the time period of tekken 5 to tekken 6, it was revealed that an evil being called Azazel was awakened in spirit due to the events that happened in tekken 4. It was prophesied that when the two evil stars collide, this being will be awakened in spiritual form. In this case, the two 'evil stars' would be Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima since they both possess the devil gene. This spirit would only take physical form after the world is consumed in chaos. Believing that this was the only way to defeat his devil gene within him, Jin turns evil and uses his organization to wage war against the world. In response to this, Kazuya, now in charge of the rogue organization that betrayed him, now places a bounty on Jin. In response to this, Jin hosts the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. Upon the ending of tekken 6, Jin was able to fight Azazel in the ruins in a desert. He delivers a final punch that sends both of them off a ledge, straight to their deaths. In the end, Jin was found in the middle of the desert, naked and unconscious. It wasn’t stated whether he was dead or alive but the tattoo was still shown on his arm, which could possibly indicate that not only is he alive but also that the devil gene is still within him, thus failing in the attempt to rid himself of the devil gene.


Analyzing Jin Kazama from Carl Jung’s perspective, it is safe to say that Jin Kazama has a very noticeable ego and a personal unconscious psyche. Based on Carl, the ego is the conscious part of the personality and it embodies the sense of self. Before the devil gene became too much for Jin to control, he was always more in tune with his ego which as a result shows the kindness and good in his heart. However, ever since his mom died, because of his devil gene, his mind was constantly being taken over by the unconscious part of his mind. Because this gene is build from and feeds from mostly hate and anger, it fits perfectly into Carl’s concept of the unconscious psyche, containing mostly negative thoughts that aren’t connected to the conscious part of Jin’s mind. This was first revealed at the ending of tekken 3 when Jin was shot in the head by his grandfather and then he transformed into the Devil only seconds after. During the time Jin was the devil, he was unaware of everything that’s happening. Eventually, over time, when the devil takes over his mind and he regain consciousness soon after, he’s able to realize when something was done due to his unconscious state of mind (ex: when he woke up in a destroyed forest, he knew it was him that caused it but he wasn’t aware of it because the devil took over him at the time). The first part of the first video below shows Jin’s prologue for Tekken 5 (0:00 to 0:45). In this movie, Jin wakes up to destroyed forest although unconscious of doing it at the time, he pretty much figured that he did it. As the movie continues, he [ego] talks to himself in regards to the devil gene that is slowly trying to take him over (the unconscious psyche)

Carl Jung could also speculate that Jin would have 2 of his 4 archetypes. The first one being ‘persona and shadow’ and the second one being ‘hero and demon’. The persona (the socially acceptable front) in this situation would be Jin Kazama, when not in control by the devil, is someone who always seem to fight for revenge against his bloodline, whereas the shadow (the unacceptable side of personality that isn’t admitted to others) in this situation would be the fact that even though he plans to seek revenge, he plans to kill himself after. This now leads into the ‘hero and demon’ archetype, with normal Jin obviously trying to be the hero against the Devil Jin began a demon (literally) and just causing death and sorrow. Because of Jin’s unstable, unconscious mind, as a result he develops one of Carl’s major attitudes of the mind: introversion. He had no choice but to develop this introverted attitude primarily to protect other people from himself. Since its revealed how deadly and violent this devil gene is, if Jin wasn’t to isolate himself from people, then the people who would’ve gotten close to Jin would more than likely suffer. Jin is destined to destroy his family and himself, so as a result he barely notices anything or anyone around him that isn’t related to that focus. So he tends to be a loner, guided only by fate. I was able to find two videos of him that portrays this 'introversive' attitude due to the differences between his conscious and unconscious mind. This video below shows a brief clip of Jin Kazama explaining to his fighting rival Hwoarang that he can’t keep his promise of fighting him due to family problems (although in the game you end up fighting him anyway). In this video, Jin is showing his introversive attitude by staying away from him.

In the second video, Devil Jin (his unconscious) is seen trying to kill him. Due to the unconscious psyche of Jin, the conscious side is unaware that he's trying to kill his rival.


Looking at Jin from the biological perspective shows that his violent nature comes from not just his father but his evil bloodline. Ever since before Jin was even born, his family was mostly concerned with greed, violence, vengeance, power, etc. As far back as I can remember, it started with Heihachi and his father Jinpachi. Heihachi, having a lust for power and greed, robustly took his organization from his father, made it into his own and locked his own father up and left him for dead. Then as the years go by, ever since Kazuya was a little boy, he was thrown off a cliff by his father because he was considered weak in his father’s eyes. Kazuya survived via the devil gene, used the devil gene to feed into his anger, climbed back up the cliff, fought and defeated his father in Tekken 1 and threw him off the same cliff and took the organization for his own rogue, evil purposes. The video above shows Kazuya after defeating his father in tekken 1, now throwing his father off a cliff (just like what Heihachi did to him when he was a boy) Heihachi survived, climbed back up the cliff, fought and defeated his son in Tekken 2 and this time, threw him into a volcano. Then 20 years later, Kazuya is revealed to still be alive, still fueled by the devil gene seeking vengeance on his father to once again get back the power he once had. Above is the official Tekken 4 intro movie. It first shows Heihachi throwing his son Kazuya into a volcano (after surviving his fall and defeating his son in Tekken 2), then it shows the return of Kazuya, 20 years later, trying to regain the power he once had. I know that this is about Jin Kazama and not them, but I chose to give a short quick story about his father and grandfather to show what their personality revolves around: greed, violence, power, and revenge. Now looking at Jin Kazama, because of how violent his elders are and because of the Devil gene that is inherited from his father, he seemed to have inherited the “violent” and ‘extreme anger’ aspect of his personality from them. Relating this to ‘natural selection’, it’s as if those two characteristics emerge over generations. So generation to generation, these personality traits are shown much more than any other. So looking at Jin Kazama now, after his mom died, he was just focused on revenge. It’s not like there was any part of Jin that would be somewhat forgiving (which would be different from his elders), instead just like how Kazuya just wanted revenge on his father for throwing him in a cliff and a volcano, he was just 100% focused on avenging his mom and avenging the betrayal of his grandfather for shooting him in the head. Another thing that fed into the anger was the devil gene. Since the activation of the devil gene is usually triggered by anger, and since it was biologically inherited, this was the simple most important thing that eventually made Jin Kazama, the once young 19 year old protagonist in Tekken 3, now the 21 year old antagonist in Tekken 6, acting similar to his own father in terms of vengeance and power, just like his father did with his grandfather before him.

Above is an official Tekken 6 trailer, showing Jin Kazama, now portrayed as being evil, obsessed with power (making statements like “power is everything” (0:21)); using the organization for his evil purposes which ends up causing destruction, pain and suffering to all (0:30 – 0:40) all while still trying to end his evil bloodline.

This second video is another trailer that's more focused on Kazuya and Jin. As you can see from his facial expression and his style of clothing, that he's developed a somewhat sinister, robust, 'bad-boy' like attitude. Also, i've chosen to put this video up so you can compare it to the Tekken 4 trailer (the second video from this perspective). Comparing the two, you can see the violent relationship that Heihachi had with his son Kazuya and how it seems to be carried over into the next generation as Kazuya now has that same violent relationship with his son Jin.


Summarizing everything, Jin Kazama is a very unique individual. Compared to his father, grand and great grandfather, he has the violent, aggressive attitude that they all have, however, he is the only one that seems to have some ‘good’ left in him. Athough Kazuya and Jinpachi decided to accept the devil gene within and use it to help gain power, Jin seems to be the only one that is fighting against it. Up until Tekken 6, he was the only one that cared for the people around him that he developed an introversive attitude to save people from getting close to him in fear that they would suffer as a result of his unconscious psyche. This is what made him seen as the hero of the game. Only in Tekken 6, it is portrayed that Jin finally gave into the Devil gene and is now using it to destroy the world. The incredible twist to it though is that even though Jin is portrayed as being evil in Tekken 6, he’s not actually evil, instead, it was revealed the only reason why he acted evil was to put the world in chaos, so the evil being Azazel can finally take physical, so he can destroy it to save the world from this incredible evil as well as riding himself of the devil gene. Even when he was going to kill his grandfather in Tekken 4, with the help of his mother, his ego was able to overcome his unconscious psyche and as a result, devil Jin (now taken over by Jin’s conscious mind) was able to resist doing what he wanted to do for 2 years after being betrayed. In the clip below, Devil Jin is seen here not killing his grandfather, and instead he flies away. As he flew away, some of his black feathers were left behind while a single white feather slowly falls unto the ground, symbolizing that there is still good left in him.


The First Tekken videogame was released in 1994 and the most recent Tekken game (Tekken 6) was released in2009

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